Roof Painting and Glazing

People want to paint (or glaze) their roof for many reasons. Roof painting is carried out for three main reasons:

  • Give a high gloss to your tile roof (which will look fantastic)
  • Add additional protection to your tiles
  • Additional insulation to your home

The great thing is that with three coats that are included in our high quality roof painting package, you are able to get all of these benefits for the price of one!

But what is Roof Painting?

Roof Painting is a process which involves the cleaning of a tile roof with a commercial high pressure hose which is followed by the application of three coats (prime, paint and seal) of our special high quality and long wearing roofing paint. It is then left to cure (also known as set) so it becomes hard and weather-resistant. Depending on what you would like, we can also give a high gloss effect to your roof.

The Roof Painting process normally takes (depending on the weather) about two full days. During that time Diamond Roof Tiling and Restoration Services personnel are at your site and we will ensure that the site remains clean and that your roof painting is going as per the schedule. Diamond Roof Tiling and Restoration will also ensure that the site remains clean and tidy after the job is completed, leaving you to enjoy the immediate changes and benefits and not to forger the long-term investment that you have made in keeping the structural integrity of your new look glazed roof.

To arrange a obligation free quote please use the contact us form or give Sam a call on 0413 559 693.

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