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new roof colours

Are you bored with your present roof colour? Would you like to go in for a new home colour scheme but your roof colour doesn’t seem to fit in? Do you have a dark roof where the tiles become hot and it is not comfortable during hot Brisbane weathers? At Diamond Roof Tiling and Restoration…
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Pressure Cleaning

Every roof needs to be pressure-cleaned and this is undertaken as part of a roof restoration project. But don’t just think only about the roof always. Look down at your feet!! Don’t forget the driveway, the patio and the pathway leading up to your house. Once you see the results of a pressure-cleaned driveway, pathway…
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Cement roof restoration in Brisbane

If you own a cement roof, it is important to know that like anything around your home, your roof too will need to undergo different forms of maintenance in its lifetime. Just like a car, if you get your roof serviced and ‘tuned’ regularly, the longevity of your roof life would increase dramatically. (Which would…
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