Roof Repair

Is your tile roof having a leak? Does your roof have cracked tiles? Did one of the kids dislodge a tile when playing cricket in your backyard on a weekend?

Roof leaks and damages occur due to broken tiles, loose ridges, old cracked flashing, unsecured areas and blocked gutters.

Diamond Tiling Roofing Services is available any time to help fix any of these issues and more.

Over a period of time, taking into account the lifespan of your roof, there will be tiles that crack or get damaged which requires repair or replacement. Tile replacement is a cost-effective option to repair your roof. Tile Replacement involves removing the damaged or broken tile and replacing it with a new tile. Replacing a tile should always be undertaken by an experienced professional only. This way you will ensure that your roof is taken care of and set aside any risk that you may put your house to by engaging the services of inexperienced people or it could be equally damaging if you try to DIY the roof. Your home is your biggest asset and therefore, utmost care should be paid before undertaking any work and protecting it from damages caused by water, wind, heat, leaks and loose tiles. Also when you hire handymen who don’t have the knowhow and experience, then they put your home and themselves to risk when climbing the roof without adequate safety training, insurance and equipment.

The physical replacement of a roof tile is not too time-consuming it only depends on the number of tiles to be replaced. Before we start working on your home, we offer an initial no obligation consultation followed by Diamond Roof Tiling and Restoration Services sourcing the type of tile that is best suited to your roof (at the best possible price), then we embark on the work where we remove, replace the damaged tiles with new tiles.

Time is of the essence when there are tiles that need to be repaired. The longer you wait before contacting a professional; the chances are that this could in turn add to or cause considerable structural damage to your home.

Don’t hesitate. Contact Diamond Roof Tiling and Restoration Services today by entering your details in the contact us form or giving Sam a call on 0413 559 693.

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