Tile Rebed and Repoint

Do your ridge caps look old and are they starting to crack? This is the most common problem that we face when it comes to Concrete and Terracotta tiles. These tiles will need to be re-bedded and re-pointed, with flexi-point every 10 years or so. In most cases, ridges may only need to be re-pointed with flexi-point that is, if you don’t leave it on for too long.

Re-bedding is a process where we secure your loose tiles with a very strong concrete bond which in turn affixes to the roof ensuring that the roof is reinforced and maintained.

If you have a leaking roof, have Diamond Roof Tiling and Restoration Services conduct an inspection and we will give you a free roof report about the condition of your roof. Many a times, your roof will need only a few tiles re-bedded and your roof caps may just need to be re-pointed.

Re-pointing is re-concreting the ridge caps in your home. When we re-point your home, we ensure that we match the colour of the bonding agent to the rest of the house, so that we give it a total professional finish, look and feel.

A Tile re-bedding and re-pointing normally takes about half a day depending upon the weather and size of the roof.

You will also find us to be the most competitively-priced Tile Roof Restoration Company out there. If you find a cheaper quote for tile re-bed and re-point, Diamond Roof Tiling and Restoration Services will beat it by 10%!

To arrange a free no obligations quote, please use the contact us form or give Sam a call on 0413 559 693.

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